• Video Teleprompter

    Helping you vlog without ‘Ums’ and ‘Ahs’

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How it works…

Read your script while recording your video

The script is positioned next to the lens so your eyes are looking directly into the camera.

No one will know you are reading from a script!

Fun picture of a man using the app to record a travel video blog

Manage and share your scripts across multiple devices

After logging into the app using your email or social media accounts, you will be able to manage and use your scripts across all your devices.

Create a script on iPhone, record it on iPad

Scripts can be managed across multiple devices

Record in Landscape or Portrait

The app works perfectly in both landscape and portrait modes, and will adjust the script positioning to ensure you are always looking at the camera.

All you need to do is write a good script and read it well.

Man recording video in landscape mode on an iPad

Record in High Definition

Pixel perfect videos to match your word perfect speech.

Share scripts between devices

Create a script on your iPhone, update on your iPad Mini and film on your iPad Air.

Totally free to download

You can download a fully-featured version of the app for free. The only limitation is that the maximum length of scripts is 1000 characters. If you try to create longer scripts (up to 65,000 characters) then you will be asked to purchase a reasonably priced add-on.

Fully customisable

Customise the size and speed of the scrolling text to suit your preference. The colours are optimised for readability.

Girl recording selfie video in Portfait mode

Works in landscape and portrait modes

You can use the app fully in either orientation. It is totally flexible for how you want to work.

High definition videos

Whether you stay with the free app, or purchase the add-on, you will record high definition videos with no watermarks or limits. Except for the script length this really is a fully functioning free app.

Scroll the script during recording

If you are reading faster or slower than the script is scrolling, then you can manually scroll the script as you talk.

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