Five tips for writing the perfect script

To help you to perfect your scripts, here are my top five tips. Focus on what your AUDIENCE wants to know… (Rather than what you want to tell them) To understand your audience you need to know: Who are they? … Read More

Use Scripted Videos in your business or school

We have 2 apps available for download from the Apple App Store: Teleprompter for Video is our app aimed at consumers. It is quick and easy to download for free, and you can choose whether to buy an in-app purchase … Read More

How to get perfect subtitles on your iphone video

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How to get an invoice or receipt for your App Store Purchase

Do you need an invoice or receipt for your App Store purchase? If you have made an in-app purchase of the Teleprompter For Video app, firstly let me say thank you. To obtain an invoice or a receipt for this purchase: … Read More

You can create a new script or import scripts from Dropbox or Google Drive

How to manage your scripts for use with the video teleprompter

The Teleprompter for Video app allows you to add, edit, delete scripts as well as import them from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. To get started, tap the 3 lines to enter the script management screen. If you are new … Read More

A guide for how to use Teleprompter for Video

Teleprompter for Video is the easiest to use Video Teleprompter App available on the App Store, currently rated 4.5*. Here is a handy guide for how to use the main features, and how you can use the settings menu to … Read More

4 simple ways to improve your videos

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How to captivate your audience in under 8 seconds

Research from Microsoft has shown the average attention span of a human to be 8 seconds. Yes – 8 seconds!! If you haven’t hooked your audience in this time, you’ve already lost them. So what can you do in the … Read More

Show your hands when presenting to gain trust

Speak with your Hands! Research has shown that the more you show your hands, and the wider the range of hand gestures you use, the greater the respect and trust the audience give you. Apparently we don’t trust people if … Read More

How to copywrite the perfect script for video

To help you to perfect your scripts, here are my top 5 copywriting tips. 1. Focus on what your audience want to know … … rather than what you want to tell them. Understanding your audience is key to this: … Read More