Become a better video presenter by pretending you’re on a date

Become a better video presenter by pretending you’re on a date

It’s a long time since I’ve been on a first date but I have a great tip that will help you become a more engaging and likeable presenter

Pretend you’re on a date.

It may sound strange, but how you behave when you’re trying to impress someone is very similar to the ideal way to present yourself on camera.

How will this help me become a better video presenter?

Think about how you prepare for a first date:

  • You want to make a great first impression. So you think carefully about what you’re going to say. You might even rehearse a few introductory phrases in advance (just like using a video script).
  • You consider what you’re going to wear. And choose something that is appropriate to your setting, looks good without being distracting, and gives an insight into your character.
  • If you’re feeling nervous, you take some deep breaths to help you relax.

When you’re on the date itself:

  • You smile and look into the other person’s eyes to show you’re fully present.
  • You speak in a sparkling and lively manner, using those excellent lines you practised and gentle hand gestures to emphasise your point.
  • To make yourself look as impressive as possible, you sit or stand up straight.
  • And you try to be yourself – or maybe a super version of yourself as you dial it up a bit for extra impact and to really make sure your true personality comes across.

Use these techniques in your video preparation and presentation – and boom – you’ll be a much more engaging and likeable presenter!

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