Control video exposure to produce a smooth, professional film

Control video exposure to produce a smooth, professional film

Your phone or tablet is a clever device.

But when it comes to exposure and focus, it can sometimes be a bit too clever.

The exposure (controlling how light or dark the video is) and focus are constantly adjusted based on the environment you’re in.

This is great for videos where you’re moving around.

But if you’re staying in one place, it can be distracting to the viewer to see the light level constantly changing.

So what’s the solution?

Control video exposure by setting AE/AF LOCK

Whether using the default camera app or the Teleprompter for Video app, you can lock the auto-exposure (AE) and auto-focus (AF).

It’s a quick and easy way to produce better videos. 

Simply long tap on the screen to lock the exposure and focus before recording. The AE/AF LOCK icon will be shown.

For more information, including how to manually set the exposure, read our guide: How to set the exposure when shooting video

Keep up to date with new features

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