Teleprompter for Video is the easiest to use Video Teleprompter App available on the App Store, currently rated 4.5*.

Here is a handy guide for how to use the main features, and how you can use the settings menu to customise the app for your precise needs. Please click the image below to download and print a PDF copy for your reference.

Quick guide to using the Teleprompter for Video

Download the PDF

If you are ever unsure about anything then please have a read of our FAQ section or get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.


  1. David Ward

    Can’ see file names in Dark Mode accessing OneDrive files. It looks like white on white. When I turn Dark Mode off on iPhone, you can see black text on white.

  2. Antonio Ángel

    Hola. Quería saber dónde se guardan los vídeos grabados.
    Un saludo y gracias.

    • Phil

      Hola Antonio, después de guardar el video, se almacena en la aplicación Fotos en su dispositivo.

  3. Vicky Cisneros

    Can you edit a video after it’s saved (to add features)? Or does it disappear from the app?

    • Phil

      Hi Vicky, after you have returned to the recording screen the previous video has been removed from the app. Please try to ensure you have done all of the editing required in the Preview screen, or at least save it, before returning to the Recording screen. Phil

  4. Norman Williams

    Do I need to pay again to purchase another add on for my script on my iPad when I have already done so on my iphone?

    • Phil

      Hi Norman, you can Restore your purchase for free by tapping the Restore Purchase button in the settings menu, and then tapping Restore in the top left corner. Phil

  5. Muriel

    Is there a feature for the text to move by hearing my voice?

    • Phil

      Hello Muriel, the app does not scroll based on your speech but it is possible to control the speed remotely using Bluetooth remote controls. Phil

    • Phil

      Hi Muriel, the app does not do voice recognition but you can control the scrolling using a remote control.

  6. Margie Sarokin

    Scripts can be emailed to a specific address. How are they retrieved? And it says that they must be sent from an e-mail address other than my own. How do I do that? Thanks—-new but very old purchaser.

    • Phil

      Hi Margie, scripts can be emailed in to and they will automatically appear in your list of scripts inside the app. Just make sure you send them from the email address you signed up with, and put your script in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Regards, Phil

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