The Teleprompter for Video app has a rather nifty subtitle feature which we haven’t done a very good job of shouting about, or explaining.

This post will attempt to give some more information about how it works, with some tips for how you can get the most from it.

How do I get subtitles added to my iphone videos?

Ok, so let’s start at the beginning.  There is a setting in the settings menu for subtitles. You have 3 options, No, Yes, Both.

Setting the video subtitle setting in the app

  • No means that when the video is saved, no subtitles will be added to the video.
  • Yes means that when the video is saved, subtitles will be added to the video.
  • Both means that when the video is saved, 2 versions will be saved, one with subtitles and one without subtitles.

‘Both’ is the ‘hedge your bets’ approach as it allows you to see what the video looks like with and without subtitles and choose which one you want to keep. Please be aware that selecting Both does mean that twice as much storage will be used on your device, which is a lot!

Once you have selected the appropriate setting, then when you next record your video and press Save, it will save the video and add in the subtitles.

How does the app work out the timing of the subtitles

You are reading from a script, so the app already knows the words you are going to say. It then splits this script down into chunks which fit comfortably in the width of the video, and then proportionally spreads them throughout the video. What this means for you, is that in order to get a perfect fit of subtitles to your voice, you need to keep the scrolling speed consistent throughout, and avoid pausing the scrolling.

It can also be advantageous to set a countdown before and after recording. The reason this is helpful is because the subtitles are then split precisely between the start of scrolling and finish of scrolling. If you do not have a countdown at the start or end, then time is taken to get into position, or to press stop at the end, but the subtitles do not know this and therefore will not fit perfectly across the video.

Setting a countdown before and after recording can improve the subtitles

Other tips for getting perfect subtitles

  • The subtitles are simply going to show what is written in your script. Therefore make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.
  • Remove any line breaks from your script. The subtitles will work out how they should be split across the video and any line breaks can result in strange subtitles which are split across 2 lines or even extend beyond the bottom of the video.
  • Practice makes perfect. You may not get a perfect result first time but after a few tries you will be pleased with how much time this feature can save you.

Here is a video example of me using subtitles

YouTube Video showing how to add subtitles to your iphone videos


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