Green Screen filter

Green Screen filter

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Green Screen filter

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What is a Green Screen Filter

A green screen filter allows you to replace the background of your video. It allows you to transport yourself anywhere in the world whilst presenting from your living room.

examples of using a green screen filter to change the background

How to apply a green screen filter (also known as chroma key)

Here is how…

  • Purchase a green screen (view example on Amazon) and hang it on a wall or stand.
  • Check you’re not wearing anything green – otherwise you’ll disappear when the filter is applied!
  • Record yourself using the Teleprompter for Video app
  • After recording, in the Preview screen, press the Green screen option
  • Choose whether you are using a green or blue background (green is recommended)
  • Move the Tolerance slider right and left to find the perfect level for the filter. Too much and you will disappear with the background, too little and the green screen will still be visible.
  • Select a Background image. This will replace the green screen (as shown below). You can choose this background from your photos or the Files app.
  • Once you are happy with how the effect looks, press Done.
  • The app will then return to the Preview screen where you can Save or Share your video.
  • When Saving or Sharing, the app will take time to replace the green screen with your new background. Do not close down the app while this is processing.

Free Green Screen

Green screen is a free feature in the Teleprompter for Video app on both iOS and Android.

You can enjoy recording and processing green screen videos absolutely free with this app.

Other editing features available in the app:

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