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The app can be used with a physical teleprompter device by following these steps:

  • Open up the settings menu and turn the MIRROR on
  • Tap the second icon in the settings menu
  • Change the TEXT AREA to 100%. This will cover the entire screen.
  • Change the TRANSPARENCY to 100%. This will remove any video image from being shown.
  • Now the text covers the entire screen, you may wish to increase the FONT SIZE (in the first settings menu) to make it readable from a distance.
  • Close the settings menu by tapping the Back icon.
  • Place your device on the physical teleprompter kit and control the script scrolling using the play/pause button. You do not need to press record as you will not be recording video using your device.
  • It may be useful to control the scrolling using a remote control, foot pedal or other device.

Recommended teleprompter

The Glide Gear TMP100 is the perfect teleprompter to use with our apps as it is portable and is designed for use with iPhones and iPads.

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