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Premium Subscription

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Premium Subscription

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What you get for free

The Teleprompter for Video is a free app. In the free version, you can do the following:

The Teleprompter for Business app contains all the free and premium features on this page.

Premium subscription

There is a premium subscription available, which has additional features. The premium plan can be purchased in the app by tapping the Upgrade button in the settings menu.

The premium subscription includes the following benefits:

  • Write longer scripts
    This allows you to write longer scripts. After upgrading, there is no limit to the number of characters allowed.
  • Add a logo
    Add your company logo (or any image) to your video and choose where it should be positioned.
    More info
  • Overlay music
    Add royalty-free music to your videos
    More info
  • Floating mode
    Float the teleprompter on top of other apps, such as the native camera app, or social media apps for recording live.
    More info
  • Enhanced captions (iOS only)
    The enhanced captions option syncs your voice to the script to achieve more accurate caption timings.
  • Caption editor (iOS only)
    Edit the text and timing of captions.
  • Script rewriting using AI
    Our very own AI called Eric will help you improve your script.

To Subscribe:

  • Tap the Settings icon to enter the settings menu.
  • Tap the ? icon and then UPGRADE
Purchase the longer scripts from the settings menu
  • Follow the steps to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Problems with upgrading

All upgrades and payments are handled by Apple (for iOS) and Google (for Android). If you face any issues with upgrading, it could be that you do not have payment details set up against your Apple ID or Google account. In particular, there must be a valid payment method and billing address.

Restore purchase for free

If you have previously purchased the app, but it is not showing as purchased, you can restore your purchase for free by tapping the Already Purchased link on the All Plans page (after tapping Upgrade as shown above).

Previous one-off purchases

In the past, one-off purchases were available for some of the features mentioned above. If you purchased one of these, it will continue to work in the same way as it did before. You’re welcome to purchase the premium subscription if you need one of the new features.

Need to cancel a subscription?

If you need to cancel for any reason, please read this guide.

Need more help?

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