How to choose the best video style to maximise audience engagement

How to choose the best video style to maximise audience engagement

Conventional wisdom tells you to decide on the goal of your video. Depending on that goal, your video is likely to be…

  • Educational – to learn something.
  • Motivational – to take action.
  • Entertaining – to enjoy.

Which style will you choose for your next video?

Choose all of them!

I think you should make every video educational, motivational AND entertaining.

Your film will be richer in terms of content and interest to the viewer.

Yes, every video should have a primary style which matches its purpose and it’s good to prioritise this style when planning your content. But I’d suggest making sure you include the other two styles as well.

How to incorporate all 3 video styles

Here’s an example to help bring this idea to life…

  • If I’m creating a video about recycling, I might decide that my primary style is motivational. I want people to take action as a result of watching my film. So I show some powerful images, have compelling background music and feature a couple of well-known quotes that help emphasize my main points.
  • In order to inspire them to take action, I also need to convince them why. My video needs to be educational so that they learn why recycling is important. So I add some relevant statistics and diagrams that help explain the problem.
  • Finally, I want people to enjoy my film because not only are they more likely to engage with my call to action, but also tell others about it. So I include an entertaining clip of me sorting through my recycling! 🗑

I think environmental charity Greenpeace would agree with this approach. I recently read this great quote from their Story & Content Guide:

“We will tell stories using language that is optimistic, bold and includes a humorous wink. We will rebel against convention and make beauty in the face of dreary and stale.”

Have fun figuring out your next video and don’t forget to share any ideas or feedback in our friendly Facebook community 😊

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