Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

How do I edit the script

In the recording screen you need to tap the script to edit it. This then brings you into a script management screen which lists your scripts. Here you can create new scripts, import scripts from Dropbox or edit/delete scripts.

Simply tap the + button in the top corner of the screen to create a new script.

Where are videos saved after recording

Once you finish recording you will be asked whether you wish to Save or Discard your video. If you press Save then the selfie video will be saved to your device and be accessible in the same way as other videos. After saving you will then be asked whether you wish to upload your video to Facebook or Dropbox. Before uploading to these sites, you will need to enter your username and password so the videos can be uploaded to your account. Please remember that videos are usually large files, and any upload is likely to take some time, even for relatively short recordings.

How long a script can I create

Using the standard version of the App you can create a script of up to 750 characters. Depending how fast you read this usually equates to a video of around a minute.

You can earn additional free characters by logging into the app, creating a script and recording a video.

If you create a script longer than your limit the app will prompt you to purchase a reasonably priced add-on. This add-on allows you to create scripts up to 65,000 characters which equates to around 1 hour of reading.

What if I choose not to log in

There is an option to use the app without logging in. This will still allow you to edit scripts and record videos, however you will not be able to share scripts between multiple devices. You will also not have the opportunity to earn additional free characters.

Why do I need to log in?

The reason you need to log in is because Scripted.Video allows you to share your scripts between multiple devices. If you didn’t sign in then there would be no way we could know which devices belonged to you and which did not.