Support and FAQ

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

Why do I need to log in?

The reason you need to log in is because Scripted.Video allows you to share your scripts between multiple devices. If you didn’t sign in then there would be no way we could know which devices belonged to you and which did not.

What if I choose not to log in

There is an option to use the app without logging in. This will still allow you to edit scripts and record videos, however you will not be able to share scripts between multiple devices. You will also not have the opportunity to earn additional free characters.

How long a script can I create

Using the standard version of the App you can create a script of up to 750 characters. Depending how fast you read this usually equates to a video of around a minute.

You can earn additional free characters by logging into the app, creating a script and recording a video.

If you create a script longer than your limit the app will prompt you to purchase a reasonably priced add-on. This add-on allows you to create scripts up to 65,000 characters which equates to around 1 hour of reading.

Where are videos saved after recording

Once you finish recording you will be asked whether you wish to Save or Discard your video. If you press Save then the video will be saved to the Camera Roll on your device and be accessible in the same way as other videos. Once saved to your device you can edit it using your favourite app and upload to social media, or do whatever you like really.

How do I edit the script

In the recording screen you need to tap the script to edit it. This then brings you into a script management screen which lists your scripts. Here you can create new scripts, import scripts from Dropbox or edit/delete scripts.

Simply tap the + button in the top corner of the screen to create a new script.

Why won’t the app rotate to Portrait or Landscape?

The app will change between portrait and landscape mode when you rotate the device.

However, there is a setting on your device which prevents this from happening. If you have this set then it won’t rotate. In order to check this, you need to go into the ‘control centre’. To go here, swipe up from the very bottom of the screen. You will see a number of icons, including the one shown below.

This is the lock orientation button. Please ensure this is NOT on.

Once you have turned it off then the Teleprompter for Video app will happily rotate between portrait and landscape modes.

How do I use the subtitles functionality?

We’ve written an article on this here, check it out –

How to get perfect subtitles on your iphone video

Can I use a Bluetooth remote control device?

Yes you can. The app has been programmed to receive signals from Bluetooth remote controls. You can do the following using a remote control:

  • Start and stop recording
  • Pause scrolling
  • Speed up and slow down scrolling

It has not been possible to test every single Bluetooth device on the market, but these are the ones which we have personally tested:

  • Ckeyin ® BT Bluetooth Wireless Media Music Remote Control –
  • Satechi Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control –

The app is not compatible with the Ikan Elite Remote.

Can I use the app for live streams?

Unfortunately Facebook prevent apps from connecting with their Facebook Live product so this isn’t possible at the moment. It would be possible however to use the app as a teleprompter while you record yourself using a camera or webcam and stream live.

Is the app compatible with iPhone X?


How can I use my in-app purchase on multiple devices?

In the Support section (use the ? icon) in the settings menu, there is a ‘Restore Purchase’ button. If you click this the app will re-apply your in-app purchase. This will only work if you are signed in using the Apple ID you previously purchased the product with. Therefore you can use the full version of the app on all your iOS devices forever and only pay once.

How much does it cost

The app is priced at £11.99 (GBP) and Apple converts this to various currencies around the world. The exchange rate is set by Apple.

You can check the price before committing to purchase by tapping the link in the script edit screen and then tapping Price. This will show you the price and allow you to decide before purchasing.

The purchase removes the 750 character script limit. It is a one-off purchase.

How do I restore my purchase on a new device

If you have already purchased the app then you can use it on all your devices as long as you are signed into App Store using the same Apple ID.

Simply tap the Restore Purchase button in the settings screen to apply the in-app purchase on your other devices.

How do I upgrade

The app is limited to scripts of 750 characters. If you need to use longer scripts than this you can purchase a one-off extension which allows you to write longer scripts.

Go to the script editing screen
and tap the ‘Purchase Longer Scripts’ button.
Tap the button to purchase
Check the price and confirm
you are happy with it.
Confirm the price of the script purchase
My script length is still limited after upgrading

If you have bought the in-app purchase to remove the 750 character limit but are still seeing a limit, then something has gone wrong during the purchase. If this happens there are 2 things to check. Firstly whether Apple have processed your purchase. If Apple haven’t processed your payment then you can go ahead and make the purchase again. If Apple have processed payment then you can restore the purchase on the app by tapping the ‘Restore Purchase’ button in the settings menu. Tapping ‘Restore Purchase’ will simply restore the purchase into the app, and not require additional payment, but it will only work if your Apple ID has previously purchased this add-on.

Sound issues

If you are facing any issues with the quality or volume of sound in your recordings then please follow these steps to resolve it.

  • Check whether you have any Bluetooth devices enabled. The app will use Bluetooth microphones if they are available and sometimes this means you could be using a Bluetooth microphone by accident, for example on your apple watch, Amazon Alexa or similar. It would be worth disabling Bluetooth on your device to check this isn’t the case.
  • Try restarting your device. Sometimes other apps can interfere with the sound quality and a simple restart can solve this.
  • Check whether the default Camera app by Apple has any sound issues when recording. If it does then it suggests there is an issue on your device which you will need Apple to investigate.
Can I use external bluetooth microphones

Yes you can. The only limitation here is that the app will automatically use the last connected bluetooth microphone, so if you have multiple then you need to ensure that you connect the one you want to use last.

How do I reset my password?

Please use this link –

How do I request a refund

I’m sorry to hear you aren’t satisfied.

Firstly please do get in contact with me and explain why you aren’t happy with your purchase. I will try my best to resolve it for you.

If you still require a refund then you need to raise a request with Apple.

All payments are processed by Apple and therefore all refunds need to be requested from Apple. You can read more information about how to do this here –