Importing Scripts from Email

Importing Scripts from Email

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Importing Scripts from Email

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Email your scripts to us

If you are working on a computer and would like your script to magically appear in the app, simply create an email, paste the script into the body of the email and send it to


  • Send from your address
    The email must be sent from the email address used to log in to the app.
  • No attachments
    The script must be pasted into the body of the email
  • Refresh the list of scripts in the app
    It takes about a minute to import the script, so wait that long and then refresh your list of scripts. It will magically appear!

Email it to yourself and then import it

If you have your script as an attachment or do not log in to the app, then this approach will work for you:

Email the script as an attachment to an email address which you access in the Mail app on your device. Open up the email and then tap and hold on the attachment.

Some options will appear. Tap Share and then tap More in the list of apps.

A list of apps will appear, select Teleprompter (or Scripted Videos for Business).

The script will magically appear in the app.

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