Blur your background like a pro

Blur your background like a pro

Did you know – photographers and movie-makers have been using blurred backgrounds for years as a way of helping you focus on the main subject?

By removing the hard lines and distracting details in the background, the viewer can’t help but focus on what’s most important in the shot.

When you’re recording using the Teleprompter for Video app, the main subject is YOU…

So to be really heard, you want your audience to focus on you and what you’re saying.

Blurring your background will help you achieve this – and give your video that professional touch too 😎

How to blur the video background on iOS?

Blurring the background is now a feature in the iOS version of the Teleprompter for Video app. Check out our support guide for instructions on how to use it (it’s super easy).

Have a play with it on some practice videos so that you can get used to how it works and looks – I’m sure you’ll agree that it creates a professional finish.

Android users – I hope to add this feature for you too, so watch this space!

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