Dictate your video script

Dictate your video script

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Dictate your video script

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Save time by dictating your script directly into the app

It’s very easy to dictate your script directly into the teleprompter app.

  • Create a new script or edit an existing one.
  • Tap into the script editor and move the cursor to the position where you want the dictation to begin.
  • Press the Microphone icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. On Android devices, the microphone is positioned above the keyboard
  • Speak naturally.
  • Press the keyboard button again to finish dictating.
Video showing how to dictate your script to the teleprompter app

Turning on dictation

On iOS devices, if you don’t see the microphone icon then you may need to activate dictation on your device. Open the Settings app and tap Keyboard > Enable Dictation so the switch moves to the on position.


Top tips

To use this feature more extensively, here are some shortcuts to be aware of.

  • “New line” – moves the cursor down 1 line
  • “New paragraph” – moves the cursor down 2 lines
  • “Full stop” or “Period” – adds a full stop
  • “Comma” – adds a comma
  • “Numeral five” – adds the number 5 rather than the word “five”
  • You can also change the capitalisation of text and add all types of punctuation.

Have a play around, it’s very intuitive.

For a full list of commands, check out the Siri user guide for Apple and this guide for Android.

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