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After recording you can add your company logo to the video

How to add your company logo

After recording your video you will be taken to the Preview page where you can review your video, add subtitles and add your logo.

To add your logo, tap the Add image / logo option.

Some addition options will be shown for you to:

  • Choose your image (upgrade required)
  • Resize the logo
  • Position the logo
  • Round the corners of the logo

As you change these settings, you can view the logo on the video preview.

If you are not happy with the logo, press the link to Remove and it will be cleared from the Preview.

Once you are happy with how the logo is presented, Save or Share the video.

After pressing Save or Share, the video will take a little time to process. During this time, the app is burning the logo onto the finished video. If you change your mind during this process you can press the stop button to stop the video processing.

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