Using a web browser

Using a web browser

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Using a web browser

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This feature is not yet available for the Android app. If you need this feature, please let me know so I can prioritise the most popular features first.

Use any laptop, tablet or phone as a remote control for the teleprompter app as long as devices are connected to the same wifi network.

Steps to connect remote control

1. In the Teleprompter app, navigate to Settings > Support

telepromter app settings menu

2. Turn on Allow external access

3. A web address and a random 4 digit code will be displayed.

Allow external access to telepromter app

4. Type the address into a web browser on the device you wish to use as a remote control. This device must be connected to the same wifi network as the app.

  • If it is not possible to connect both devices to the same wifi network, another option is to connect the remote control device to a personal hotspot of the device running the app.

5. The web browser will ask for the 4 digit pin. Enter the code given earlier.

6. Click Remote Control at the top of the page.

7. The remote control will be displayed as shown below.

Remote controller for teleprompter app

Use the controls to:

  • Start and stop recording
  • Start and pause the scrolling script
  • Increase or decrease the scrolling speed
  • Skip the script forwards or backwards

The following keyboard shortcuts are available:

EnterStart / Stop recording
SpaceStart / Pause scrolling
Up arrowIncreases the speed of scrolling
Down arrowDecreases the speed of scrolling
Right arrowSkip script forwards
Left arrowSkip script backwards
BackspaceReturns to recording screen after recording

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