Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast

When you make a video, do you want your viewers to take action?

Typical examples could be:

  • “Subscribe to my channel”
  • “Buy my product”
  • “Refer your friends”

As humans, we are influenced by many factors and we weigh up the benefits first.

So how can you write a powerful video script that gets results?

Compare and Contrast.

That’s how. 

To persuade your viewer to do something,

  1. Show them why doing it will be good for them.
  2. Show them why not doing it will be bad for them.

It’s called the contrast principle.

We’re all driven by a desire to avoid negative situations – so in your script writing, make sure you compare the reasons why they should take action, with the problems they will face if they don’t take action.

It’s how our brains work: We understand the difference between things better than the absolute measures.

By adding this contrast into your scripts, your message will be more persuasive.

p.s. Thanks to Brian Clark of Copyblogger for his recent blogs on this topic that inspired this email – check out his post on Contrast Storytelling

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