Video script editing tips – how saying less helps you say more

Video script editing tips – how saying less helps you say more

Have you heard the saying “less is more”? It’s a minimalist approach that helps you focus on what matters.

Saying something “short and sweet” is often more powerful than a long speech. Because research shows you have just 8 seconds to capture your audience’s attention.

Shorter videos tend to have more views and higher engagement levels, so you really do need to keep your words to a minimum.

So here our some top video script editing tips to help you get the best results…

How to write shorter scripts

The free version of the Teleprompter for Video app has a 750 character limit*. So straight away this will force you to focus on your primary message.

  • Every word needs to count.

So draft out what you want to say and use the tips below to make it as succinct as possible:

  • Evaluate each sentence. Assess whether each word or phrase is crucial to telling the story and moving things forward. Is it needed to deliver your goal?
  • Think visually. Consider whether some words can be replaced by visual elements using stock footage or diagrams.
  • Re-order phrases. Make sure your key message is at the beginning and then reinforced later. Remember to capture the viewer’s attention early and have a logical flow to your story.
  • Take a break. Sometimes it’s really helpful to walk away from what you’ve written and return to it later, or even the next day. You’ll find it much easier to edit when you look at the words with a fresh brain.
  • Maintain emotional distance. It’s easy to get attached to what you’ve written. Don’t cling to your first draft and be open about making dramatic changes to help the flow. Remove anything that’s not serving your main message.
  • Check your grammar. Is there a better, shorter, or more active way to say what you need? Grammarly is a free tool that can help you with this.
  • Read it out loud. By reading your script out loud, you’ll spot problems more easily.
  • Ask for help. It’s much easier to edit someone else’s work than your own. Ask a friend or colleague to read your script and suggest improvements.

The final word

Like so many things, practice makes perfect but if you follow these video script editing tips, your next script will be great!

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* For a small one-time fee (forever access, with no monthly or yearly subscription), you can upgrade your Teleprompter for Video app to use longer scripts with no character limits – find out more here

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